If Dbe Occurs, It Can Cause Blurred Vision.

Neovascularization can even grow on the coloured part of the eye iris.  In addition, tests such as a fluoresce in angiogram and ocular coherence tomography OCR can be conducted. In proliferative retinopathy, new blood vessels grow over the retina and into the vitreous humour the gel-like substance between the lens and retina. If DBE occurs, it can cause blurred vision. Read the Diabetes and Dietary Fat article > > For a person who has diabetes, the risk of developing retinopathy is directly related to the length of time that he or she has had diabetes. http://www.allsaintsportsmouth.us/experteyedoctor/2016/12/05/the-best-questions-for-deciding-upon-details-in-eye-surgery/Central serous retinopathy begins for reasons that are not well understood. http://www.allsaintsportsmouth.us/experteyedoctor/2016/12/05/the-best-questions-for-deciding-upon-details-in-eye-surgery/Sickle cell anaemia also affects the blood vessels in the eyes.  This process can pinpoint areas that may be threatening to bleed. Patients need to inform their doctors of any visual effects. Work with your diabetes doctor endocrinologist to determine if there are ways to improve your diabetes management.

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